Friday, 20 April 2018
New Home of Universal Health Advisors

Welcome to the New home of Universal Health Advisors!  No, we are not an insurance company!  We are your representatives for accessing better healthcare and improved wellbeing at lower costs and with better outcomes.  Healthcare has become so complex that most people do not have the time to search through all of the offered programs and services to find the best fit for their particular situation.  

On top of this complexity is the large number of providers who fail to be transparent regarding actual costs and benefits.  Many have contracts which, upon your signature, deny you any access to your own data.  And costs keep going up!  

Like an iceberg, so much of health and welbeing lies below the surface.  Universal Health Advisors brings you the transparency to make sound medical decisions.  If you are an individual or family, a small employer, a large employer we can assist you in achieveing your goals for wellbeing.  If you are a service provider who is tired of the games and want to deal with your clients in clear transparency, connect with us.  We may have people waiting to meet you.

Welcome to Universal Health Advisors where we bring transparency to your health and welbeing decisions.

John and Tim

Posted on 04/20/2018 5:48 AM by Tim Cummings
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