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designs and implements innovative telemedicine programs and solutions that are high quality, efficient, and cost effective.


Telemedicine encompasses the processes, software, and equipment to connect a healthcare professional with a patient via technology and real-time connections. Salus believes in appropriate interaction between a provider and a patient, which follows all state medical and composite board guidelines. This includes giving the provider the comprehensive ability to do a full physical exam and evaluation on the patient by incorporating the proper peripherals for primary care and medical specialties.

The Connect2Docs membership: 

offers Teladoc with no additional copay, and covers you and up to 5 dependents and a free pharmacy network savings card.

What is telemedicine?
The use of information technology including the telephone, the Internet and personal computers, for diagnosing, treating and monitoring patients. Telemedicine is adding a new dimension to modern health care. These advances are not only making care more accessible and convenient, they are also helping to raise the quality and contain the costs of medical care.

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