Speakers Bureau

Universal Health Advisors has partnered with speakers who are knowledgeable across the spectrum of healthcare issues.  They are available for presentations to your top management, your team members and family members, your clients and customers, and at your events.  UHAdv looks forward to assisting you in building knowledge and empowering those you touch to make health care decisions from a position of knowledge.

Ms. Writesman is a Healthcare consultant and speaker with 28 years of experience in Healthcare.  Her background includes directing, administering and politically managing Medicaid contracts and staffs in Tennessee, Arkansas, Kansas, Hawaii.  Additionally, she consulting on contracts in Indiana, Florida, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Georgia and Virginia. 

She consults and speaks nationwide, educating businesses, organizations, legislators and individuals about imperatives in health care.   There has yet to be a “silver bullet” to make healthcare affordable to everyone.  Real cost containment has to happen because of consumer engagement.  Each of us has a role in helping healthcare become more efficient, affordable and effective for all.  

Two of Ms. Writesman's very popular sessions include:

The Medical Bill Buster Survival Training & Corresponding Manual

How to Become an Educated Medical Consumer

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Nelson Griswold has been called “visionary” by Art Dammers of Anthem, “an authority on voluntary benefits and consultative selling” by Employee Benefit Adviser magazine and “a well-recognized industry thought leader” by Ron Leopold of MetLife.
A nationally-known agency reinvention and growth expert, he is the author of DO or DIE: Reinventing Your BenefitsAgency for Post-Reform Success, the industry bestseller that has been hailed as the only comprehensive blueprint for agency leaders to reinvent their firm to survive and grow in the post-ACA era. As a practice management and agency growth consultant, Nelson works with leading agencies across the country to grow their top- and bottom-line revenue.
Nelson serves as Managing Director of the Agency Growth Mastermind Partnership, a national executive peer-exchange network for non-competing benefits agency owners who collaborate and cooperate to identify best practices and proven growth strategies to remain relevant, profitable, independent & growing.
Nelson is also a leading strategic consultant to carriers and other industry vendors on broker distribution & activation, voluntary benefits, and next-generation engagement & enrollment strategies.
Nelson appears as a resident expert on BenefitAdvisorTV (www.BenefitAdvisorTV.com), the industry’s television show for brokers. He is a Contributing Editor and writes a monthly column for Employee Benefit Adviser magazine, has written for Benefits SellingProducers eSource and other leading industry publications, and writes a blog for Zywave. Nelson is an in-demand keynote speaker and presenter at industry conferences. He is a board member and serves on the executive committee of both the Workplace Benefits Association and the Voluntary Benefits Association. 

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Kyle Fields is COO for Appro-Rx, a Health Information Technology (HIT) company dedicated to reduction of payer medical costs and to improvement in patient health outcomes via their provider network. He educates his audience on the Pharmacy Benefit Management  (PBM) system which has contributed to higher drug costs and introduces technologiesfor claims processing and evaluating the effectiveness of drug therapies employed by healthcare programs. 

The principals of Appro-Rx believe strongly that the PBM model is broken, and they have set out to be industry game changers; targeting spread pricing on prescription drugs, manufacturers’ rebates and mandatory mail order programs that benefit PBMs instead of employers and patients. Mr. Fields can educate healthcare coverage providers on ways, through industry transparency, to significantly reduce drug spends while providing more effective coverage for the plan participants.

If you are involved in managing or negotiating your company's health plans but do not really know what a PBM  or spread pricing is, you are a candidate for Kyle's eye-opening PBM 101 course.

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