Well Card

The WellCard is a cost effective way for employers to provide an assortment of benefits to their employees and families covering a variety of health and wellbeing needs.  Cards with basic benefits can be made available for a very low PEPM (per employee per month) fee which can cover team members and their family members.  Benefits can take the form of services for negotiated fees or for a discount off of the provider’s set pricing.  Benefits can include savings on prescriptions, dental and vision care, health and wellness services, imaging and telehealth visits.  The WellCard can be configured with a shopper’s savings benefit where members and families can build cash through rebates when shopping for regular family needs at places like Target, Walmart, Best Buy and many other locations.  These savings can be used to assist with medical care or spent however the family desires.

This useful card can be a great entry point for small businesses who have a desire to start providing some benefits to their team members without exposing the business to a large financial risk.