Prescription Savings Ambassadors:

Connect2Docs Pharmacy Network Savings Card

Available for participants in the C2D Telehealth Services - This is a proprietary discount savings card that provides discounts on all FDA approved brand name and generic medications, with an average savings of 55%! Our card can even be used for HUGE savings on pet medications purchased at your local pharmacy!


Rx Cut/ Slash Rx Prescription Savings Card:

This is the card we call our empowerment card!  It truly brings transparency to your medication purchases.   If you buy your own meds (no insurance or a high deductible plan), have an insurance co-pay of $10 or more, or have coverage that buys a set number of scripts per month ... and sometimes you have more than that number, our empowerment card will save you money.  Provided by a Prescription Management Administrator, it permits you to know the cash price for your scripts at any pharmacy.  You can also use this card to identify if there is a substitute medication which can be purchased at a lower cost.  As a business, you can brand this card and distributed it for your team members and all their connections.  Learn more by clicking [HERE]

Well Card:

Well Card assists with prescription savings but wraps a host of other savings and benefits into the card.  For employers, particular smaller employers who wish to help their team members and family but cannot afford more expensive benefits, the Well Card can be an inexpensive entry point for providing benefits with value.  Learn more about the many benefits you can provide to your team members and their familoies by clicking [HERE]

Prescription Savings Ambassadors

  • Connect2Docs Prescription Savings Card

  • RxCut/SlashRx Prescription Card (Empowerment Card)

  • Well Card