About Us

As John Mickner and Tim Cummings worked together introducing Telemedicine to the business community, they recognized the current situation as being similar to the product and information issues in American manufacturing in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s.  During this period, a special group of individuals, called Manufacturers Representatives (Manufacturers Reps) would find the "best of" products and practices and bring them to manufacturers to save time and money while controlling costs associated with manufacturing.

Working together, John and Tim recast this business model to be viable in today’s rapidly changing healthcare market place.  With transparency as the a necessary component in determining fitness, we seek out best practices and then educate and serve our clients - individuals & families, small businesses, and larger businesses who are providing insurance for their team members and families - with products and services to build engagement which leads to improved outcomes while controlling healthcare costs.

In 2016, John and Tim asked Daire Rendon to join UHAdv to assist in the launch of TEMS - the Telehealth Engagement Management System. 

In 2017, Universal Health Advisors launched the "I Can See Clearly" seminar series to promote transparency in healthcare and wellness solutions. 


John Mickner brings to UHA over 40 years of experience in the insurance, marketing, electronic security, life safety and healthcare industries. John says that “developing and cementing relationships and identifying commonalities businesses share in the area of customer service and retention and recurring revenues, is my business passion” His knowledge of the insurance benefits, and security monitoring business has served him well in helping to develop a successful business model with UHA. 

John graduated from Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pa. with a dual degree in Economics and Business and Marketing, and immediately began a lifelong career in the financial and life safety industries. His desire to serve families and small business, along with a cutting edge business philosophy, has led to the creation of his latest endeavor with Universal Health Advisor, LLC.

  Tim Cummings, PE, is a business strategist who has had a long-time passion for assisting business people to care for their team members and families by effectively accessing healthcare.  Through his on-going work of mentoring entrepreneurs, he has kept a close watch on the changes and developments within the area of healthcare.  

Tim has had a broad set of experiences throughout his career.  His work experience includes 25 years in a family owned and operated business, Cummings Signs, producing on-premise signs for small and large businesses. Over his tenure, he worked in all aspects of the business.  He held positions as VP Engineering, VP Manufacturing, and VP  New Technology.  He successfully operated a 200,000 sf manufacturing facility, producing $20 million per year in products.  Other business experience includes 15 years in building his own web-based communications systems for membership organizations which he programmed himself.  Since 2005, Tim has focused on mentoring CEO’s and entrepreneurs.  In this capacity he has worked in or launched several new business ventures.  In all of his business dealings, he depends on his Christian faith to govern and direct his  business decisions.

Other experience includes military service as an Engineer Officer in the U.S. Army.  Over his 7 years of active duty and 4 years in the National Guard, he held positions in a Port Construction Company, as a hardhat diving officer and commander of the U.S. Army Diving Detachment, and Combat Engineer company commander on the East German border.  He contributed to the development of Army doctrine on the employment of Army divers.

Tim’s certifications include accreditation as an Associate of the Institute for Independent Business, a Registered Engineer, and a Patent Holder.  He is a certified Quality Trainer.  He is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and Owen Graduate School of Management, securing an Engineering Degree and an MBA 
  Daire Rendon - Daire Rendon has over 30 years of experience as a business owner.  Until June 2011, she was the President and owner of Check Alert Systems, Inc. a licensed and bonded collection agency specializing in the prevention or recovery of bad checks. As an owner/manager, she did the majority of her own sales, working directly with retailers and law enforcement.  Daire was also a member of several local security groups working with credit counselors, banks, prosecutors, and civil attorneys to resolve dishonored check or stolen identity issues.
Daire’s entire education experience occurred in Michigan, where she graduated from Middleville High School and met her husband Bruce.  Before her marriage, she attended Grand Rapids Junior College.  Yet, it was a job opportunity for Bruce that moved the family to Northern Michigan in 1985.  Daire was able to transfer her employment with the Social Security Administration to Traverse City, where she attended Northern Michigan College and, later Mid-Michigan Community College.  In 1988, Daire started working at a local collection agency so she could be closer to the school her daughters attended. The owner there offered her a chance to buy her own business (Check Alert Systems, Inc.). With her family’s support, Daire left her college plans behind and instead became a full-time business owner.
Daire is a cancer survivor who credits her cure to a stem cell transplant she received at the Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit in 2007. Long before her own diagnosis, she was and still remains a strong supporter of the American Cancer Society.  She has acted as a past Chairman of the Missaukee County Cancer Walk-A-Thon and sponsored a corporate Walk-A-Thon Team for over 14 years.
Since 2001, Daire has been the President and owner of Dragon Payment Systems, Inc., a virtual staffing solutions service that provides secure web based customer service, letter invoice and e-billing, check, credit card and e-payment processing, as well as electronic banking services.
Daire became directly involved in the business of telemedicine in 2012, while searching for healthcare solutions for her own employees.  Not only does she provide telemedicine to each of her employees, she is currently an active Premier Sales Representative with Connect2docs as well as a partner with Universal Health Advisors, LLC.  In her spare time, she supports her husband Bruce in his role as a legislator in the Michigan House of Representatives and spends vacation time in Monterrey, Mexico with her daughter’s family.