Empowerment Card

A Pharmacy Empowerment Card!

Prescription Services are a major cause of high medical expenses.  These costs are often hidden to the average consumer,whether it is the individual patient or the provider of the health insurance.  The system of medical insurance in this country has made patients ignorant of the actual costs of drugs. Insurance plans where the patient pays only a small, set co-pay breeds a complacency among the consumers.  

Prescription services is one of the easiest areas for an individual to start effectively managing his or her own medical costs.  UHAdv's prescription savings card is really a Prescription Empowerment Card!  It allows you, the patient/consumer to know the actual cost of prescriptions (scripts) and to make choices which can effect both your immediate expense and the long-term cost of your health insurance premiums.

Learn how a simple card saved my brother-in-law $262! It is incredible what a person can do with just a little bit of information.

How does it work?

Our Empowerment Card allows you, through internet access, actually see the best cash price for the script you need to fill ... at a minimum of 10 pharmacies located near you.  This access will also show you alternative brand and/or generic scripts that could serve as a substitute to your script.  

Knowledge is Power - Access the Internet

Our web-based portal allows you tolook up your script, see our negotiated cash price to buy your script at at least 10 different (cheapest) pharmacies based on your zip code.

We also show you alternative medications - branded and generic, if available, for a price comparison.  

Other Benefits of this Prescription Card

  • Store it on your phone, digitally
  • Greener - you can print your own ... print copies for your family and friends
  • No Membership required ... anyone can use
  • Cards can be branded with your corporate identification

A Heart to Give

Do you work with a non-profit organization?  Ask us how our Pharmacy Empowerment Card can provide a source of funding for your non-profit organization.

Your Co-Pay may not be the Cheapest Price

Our Insurance Companies have trained us to go to the pharmacy,pick up our prescription and pay our co-pay, $10 or $15 or ...

What if your script costs less than $10.00 cash?  Here are actual pharmacy transactions from Members using our Pharmacy Empowerment Card (as of 10/10/14)

We say our card empowers you ... think about this.  If you bought one of these scripts using your insurance plan, you would pay a few pennies more with your co-pay; however, it would be a claim on your insurance, impacting your insurance provider's rating and the difference in price would be drawn from the pool of money to pay claims, reducing money for other medical needs and placing upward pressure on your annual premiums.  So, next time, ask your pharmacist, which is better, your insurance card or the UHAdv Empowerment card?

Want to see a detailed case study?  Click [HERE]